The Various Dress Styles


There are a plethora of different styles of dress. The type one chooses is usually dependent upon the occasion.

Many princess line dresses are worn at weddings. They are off the shoulder gowns with large skirts. Other choices for weddings are lace sundresses, typically worn for a more bohemian themed wedding.

Another style of dress are dresses with trains. These dresses were more popular decades ago. They may or may not make a come back.

Party dresses are often worn by girls going to the club. These dresses are usually mid thigh reaching. They are often black but can be a variety of other colors as well.

The other types, such as a-line and empress, usually refer to the cut of the fabric of the dress. Others, like halter and one shoulder, are determined by the fit at the top of the outfit.

Ball gowns are typically out of place anywhere except at very exclusive parties and social events.